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Welcome you to meet us at IMPC2018

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IMPC2018,the International Mineral Processing Congress 2018 will be held at the World Trade Center in Moscow, Russia from September 16 to 21. It is a world-class technology and academic exchange event in mineral processing and hydrometallurgy industries.

During the IMPC2018 meeting, being the only invited extractant manufacturer in China, our company will attend the IMPC2018 EXPO, which will open on the 16th. The exhibition will last for three days. During the exhibition, we will show our technical achievements in metal solvent extraction to global mining companies.

The IMPC, International Mineral Processing Congress is held every two years. KopperChem invites friends from domestic and abroad to meet with us in IMPC2018, in Moscow.

Booth No.: D14

Following is the program:

IMPC 2018 _ Program - IMPC 2018.png

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