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Welcome you to meet us at Hydroprocess 2018

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The Hydroprocess 2018 conference is one of the most important annual metallurgical activities in the world and focuses on the developments and innovations related to hydrometallurgical processes and non-metal mining metallurgy. Hydroprocess 2018 is the 10th International seminar on Hydrometallurgy Process, which will be held in Santiago, capital of Chile, from June 20th to 22nd. The conference topics include reverse osmosis in the hydrometallurgy industry, nanofiltration, hydrometallurgical processes of alkali metal, nonmetal, salt containing compounds, gold and silver, biohydrometallurgy and water treatment, solvent extraction and ion exchange, as well as many other aspects and features highly focused programs, topical forums and presentations by key international speakers.


Warmly welcome you to meet with KopperChem at Hydroprocess 2018!

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