Welcome to Kopper Chemical Industry Corp., Ltd. Mextral, a global famous brand! Supplier of Fortune 500

Enterprise spirit: integrity, dedication ,learning, innovation, cooperation

Enterprise tenet: faith-oriented, innovative and pragmatic, serve the society, achieve a win-win situation

View of talent: emphasize morality and thinking; reward learning and innovation, encourage frugality.


Environment and ethics

We commit to meet the growing hydrometallurgy needs in economically, environmentally and socially responsible ways. We make EHS standard to be one of our most important standards, take quality as the foothold, and pay attention to the safety of our employees, customers and environment. We are dedicated to be a good partner, good neighbour and  achieve sustainable development of economy, resource and environment.

Care for employees

We respect employees, appreciate their wisdom, broaden the channel to accelerate the growth of talents and actively explore effective ways on recognizing their value and management, cultivating a sound environment that various kinds of talents can stand out and fully display their capability. Retain talents via career opportunities, feelings of brotherhood and benefits.


Customers first

We are concerned about the entire processes of products’ use and the quality of service. We provide our customers with complete and convenient consultation channels, problem feedback channels, timely and accurate solutions to customers in encountering product problems. We provide technical solutions for the many challenges in the solvent extraction processes.


Focus on quality

Quality policy : keep process optimization , pursue customer satisfaction.

Innovation is the sources of an enterprise’s life, innovation is to create new value! We make innovation our first research priority, and follow various standards prevalent to provide a variety of high quality products. We believe the standard of products is equal to the satisfaction of our customers.



.Maintain occupational safety, train staff and help them succeed.

.Constant innovation, pursue higher product and service quality, create value for customers

.Ensure increased environmental compatibility, protect environment, achieve sustaining development

.Observe ethic and morality, reward the society, to be a highly responsible and highly respected company

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