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EHS Management System

Since the establishment of the company, KopperChem concentrates on building the Safety Production Standardization Management System, which is a new scientific management system carried out by national security supervision and administration bureau, and it can monitor every detail of the production activities. We set up EHS management department, with professional environmental engineers to build EHS system, stipulate the related security policy and regulations, ensure the safety and health of employees, as well as good use of resources and environmental protection. The perfect waste treatment facilities help to build environment friendly enterprise.


Safety and Environmental Goals:

1.No major hazardous chemicals leakage, fire or special equipment safety accident, and no production death accidents.

2. The monitor rate of important process, key equipment, key place is 100%.

3. The up-to-standard rate of periodic testing of fire-fighting facilities, special equipments, pressure vessels, pressure pipelines and their safety accessories is 100%.

4.Check lightning protection facilities, anti-static facilities regularly, with the pass rate of 100%.

5.Certification rate of workers for special type of work is 100%.

6. Strengthen the occupation health management, conduct regular physical examination.

7. No environmental pollution accident, the up-to-standard rate of environmental testing items (noise, industrial wastewater) is 100%;

8.Ensure the control rate of classification recovery and disposal of the solid wastes , the up-to-standard rate of total discharge of pollutants,qualified rate of comprehensive emissions .

9. Strengthen the EHS hidden danger investigation and correction of workshop , as for the EHS hidden danger which can not be solved immediately, the related department must put forward the correction plan.

10.No occurrence of event inconsistent with EHS rules.


Environmental Protection Policy:

KopperChem has strong sense of social responsibility, follows the business ethics, pays much attention to environmental protection, focuses on environment, health and safety, is dedicated to the field of resources utilization and environmental protection, strives to achieve sustainable development of economy, environment and resources , aspires to be an environmental contribution enterprise which make a balance among production, marketing of metal extractant and social responsibility.

1. Obey the environmental laws, regulations and other industry standards.

2. Set environmental protection goals, and keep timely adjustment, strive to continue improvement of environmental protection.

3. Strictly manage the chemical substances in use, strictly control adding ingredients, ensure production health and environmental protection.

4. Continue to promote recycling, resource and energy saving, waste reduction.

5. Regularly conduct internal propaganda and education, enhance staffs’ awareness of environmental protection, improve staffs’ understanding of the environmental protection policy, achieve safe production and environment protection, build environment friendly enterprise.

6. Fully excavate the functions of our products in environmental protection, constantly develop less environmental burden ,beneficial to reducing environmental pollution and energy-saving products.


Staff Safety             

We are committed to the construction of safe working environment for employees, without industrial injury accident so far. We tirelessly explore every aspect of production, optimize each operation, minimize the injury.

1.All employees must observe safety laws, regulations and industry standards, participate in safety production .

2.We are committed to ensure investment in safety and effective operation of all safety facilities, strive to achieve production safety.

3. All employees must actively find safety hidden danger around them, and strive to eliminate known hazards, improve the production safety.

4. Set safety goal and guideline, keep timely adjustment, ensure the persistence and  timeliness of safety work.

5. Often organize various safety training and conduct physical examination, improve staff’s safety awareness and understanding of the basic principle of the company’s security.

6. Establish and improve incentive mechanism of safety production, encourage all staff to participate in safety production .

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